Our team of experts has extensive experience in ICT4D (technology for development), promoting human capacity development, learning and organizational research platforms. We are also proficient in the design and implementation of public-private partnerships, data management, strategic information, e-government and performance management systems. 

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USAID/PEPFAR/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation | DREAMS Program

DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDs Free, Mentored, and Safe women) is an ambitious initiative funded by USAID and PEPFAR that explicitly connects economic empowerment and building of social assets to the reduction of HIV incidence in young African women.

FHI 360 - Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance (Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) | E-Health System Implementation

A three year project working to implement an e-government health analytics system through the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Finance (MOF) that uses data from health budgets and service points to show how financial resources are allocated at the point of care to enable more effective decision making. This system deals specifically with programs focusing on health service delivered nationally. 



MIT | Infrastructure with Human Development

Avencion and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Zambia's Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, conducted a roundtable workshop on Infrastructure with Human Development in Zambia.

Black & Veatch | Regional Business Development

Supported a global US engineering and construction company to develop an Africa approach and capture strategy for infrastructure projects in the sub-Saharan region.


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Worked with a major international airline to design and implement a country specific market entry strategy, including building relationships with local government and private sector stakeholders, marketing advisory and project management.  Organized high level meetings with key government and private sector stakeholders in order to build brand amongst decision makers. 

Partnered with 2Bn USD water project in Southern Africa and 10+ other private sector and community organizations; and seven (7) higher education institutions to execute a join capacity building program with African youth.   The program focused on skill-to-fit industry job skills, technology capacity building, internships and job placement.   The project placed over 100+ internships and trained over 600 youth in leadership, technical skills and management. 

HMIS Support

HMIS Support

Data Management System Support Contract for Jhpiego – Multi-year contract to support Electronic Medical Records, M&E and Data Management for global public health iNGO.  Engaged in multiple year support of ICT and strategic information systems for Jhpiego.  Supported projects which delivered HIV prevention, treatment and care health service provision at government owned health facilities in Zambia.  Built data management back-bone and developed back-up systems for strategic information, data management and M&E functions across projects.  Conducted productivity training on business processes, skills, email, databases, back-up systems, domain, and servers for the entire country team. Designed and implemented system including designing business processes, training and developing user manuals. Worked with NGO to develop data management policies, process and transitioned capacity to local staff.

Avencion was contracted to review, develop and implement an appropriate integrated electronic records, data and knowledge management system for the Min of National Development Planning in Zambia order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of development cooperation.  Activities included conducting a baseline assessment of the existing records and documents management system and practices for development cooperation, through a consultative process, involving the key stakeholders, design and implement an appropriate integrated electronic records and documents management system for development cooperation and recommend the required hardware, software, logistics and capacity building support, preparation of an implementation manual outlining practical steps and procedures to guide proper and efficient use of the newly developed integrated electronic records and documents management system and to conduct a stakeholder review and validation of the system to ensure stakeholder buy-in and appreciation of the system.

The data management platform serves two primary functions:

A) Will be the electronic registry that systematically stores and enables speedy retrieval of correspondence and documentation for case management of issues, a data and documentation management platform. This document and data management platform will be used to manage, store, retrieve, view and track histories of documents. The system was tailored to suit project and implementing ministry needs. This system gives the Ministry of National Development Planning, Ministry of Finance, the implementing Ministries and the project implementation units the ability to track any document (electronic one or paper one), control and view it by different users simultaneously, without the risk of data loss.

B)  The function is to store information flows for processing that will result in analytics for use in decision-making and acting as a dashboard for reminders on targets and deadlines to be met. Serves as a Business Processing Platform as part of a business intelligence processing (BIP) method to get the best out of the organization of data. The BIP is based on the idea of learning from the already collected data about the behaviour, needs and directions of the Development Cooperation Department’s clients, such as implementing ministries, project coordinating units or donors. The BIP solution merges relevant data from all stakeholders into a centralized database in order to give the Development Cooperation Department and other users the ability to merge important information together. This will enable increased understanding, management and use of existing data. Supports tracking ongoing activities and transactions against disbursements, procurement plans, budgets and audit plans.

Electronic Data Management System for Development Planning

Electronic Data Management System for Development Planning

The Lusubilo Orphan Care Project, was founded in 1997 with the mission to empower communities to holistically provide care and support for orphans, vulnerable children, and adults. Lusubilo operates in four (4) impact sectors to support orphans and vulnerable children: nutrition, early childhood development, livelihoods and agriculture; working in the Karonga and Chitipa districts providing support for more than 57,000 children. Unfortunately, despite the increase in staffing, organizational growth has outpaced the operational capacity, leading to challenges in strategic planning, human resource development, controls and management (data, financial and operational). 

Avencion Group was contracted to develop a strategy and operational plan to increase organizational performance and capacity that will translate into improvements in service delivery and community development impact.   The Lusubilo Orphan Care Project has a school feeding, children’s village and early childhood development program that accommodates the 57,000 children they support through their Community Based Child Care Centre’s.  Leveraging performance assessments, change management and team building, Avencion provided critical organizational designs to increase efficiency and program delivery including:

•             Reconfiguring Lusubilo’s organizational structure from a functional to a geographic management approach

•             Implement local sourcing initiatives for food inputs

•             Bring transport capacity in-house to increase efficiency of feeding program

•             Create a local farmer's market to support community agriculture

•             Develop compressed human capacity development program for staff and management focused on sustainable technical skill                building, accountability and leadership

•             Facilitation of peer to peer mentorship networks with regional orphan care project teams

•             Phased implementation of social enterprise models to diversify funding sources beyond traditional charitable contributions



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