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DREAMS (Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS Free, Mentored, and Safe women) is a an ambitious initiative funded by USAID and PEPFAR that explicitly connects economic empowerment and building of social assets to the reduction of HIV incidence in young African women.

 Leveraging sustainable partnerships with tertiary institutions, community organizations and 45+ private sector companies the project develops human capacity by encouraging healthy sexual choices, promoting community service, teaching leadership skills and providing employment and vocational training. Empowering young women to envision a successful, economically stable future and equipping them to nurture their gifts will give them a sense of control over their lives, reducing their susceptibility to high risk behaviors such as age-disparate and transactional sex.

Global Leadership Program (GLP) in partnership with Catholic Relief Services is implementing a leadership technology and economic skills platform for 2,000+ young women and adolescent girls located in Lesotho and provide 150+ young women with a six (6) month internship at reputable businesses, community and government organizations. GLP has integrated a leadership/skills curriculum within each participating organization and community and will include training modules focused on leadership, health, nutrition, professional/vocational skills, effective decision-making, entrepreneurship, self-esteem enhancement, job readiness, and community service, with participation in extra-curricular sports activities.